Dr. Karen B. Strier

Position title: Vilas Research Professor & Irven DeVore Professor, Department of Anthropology

Email: kbstrier@wisc.edu

Curriculum Vitae (2023)

Other Affiliations

Department of Integrative Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professora Permanente, Universidade Federal de Espírito Santo

Areas of Focus

Biological anthropology, Primatology, Behavioral ecology, Brazil


My main research interests are to understand the behavioral ecology of primates from a comparative perspective, and to contribute to conservation efforts on their behalf. The northern muriqui ( Brachyteles hypoxanthus ), which I have been studying in Brazil’s Atlantic forest since 1982, are a model for comparisons with other primates as well as one of the most critically endangered primates in the world. One of the current priorities of my long-term field study is to understand how stochastic demographic fluctuations and individual life histories affect population viabilities and behavior. I am also interested in understanding population-level variation and its relevance to basic research in biological anthropology.